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Get to know the location of your retail mall kiosks.

Before anything else, when planning your next retail mall kiosks, the main objective is to select an excellent location and choose the most adequate space for your finished shop.

To start with the design of your retail mall kiosks, it is critical that you know the exact location of the space to rent.

Then ask yourself:

Which kind of mall and location will I select?

And within the selected mall what is the right location for my business?

What other businesses are around that space?

Therefore be aware of all the physical limitations that exist in the environment.

Perhaps some permanent elements are close to your space:

A column, a wall that limits the visibility of some parts of your kiosk.

There may be a high floor just steps away from your kiosk or your business:

Will it be located on the second floor in a hallway next to a balcony?

Every detail of its surroundings will limit the shape and size of your retail mall kiosks.

Knowing these limitations can be crucial and we can take this in our advantage to strengthen the business itself and thus ensure its success.

Retail Mall Kiosks
Mall Kiosks

Hence knowing all this information is essential in the beginning of the design process.

Therefore making a huge difference in the overall performance of your mall kiosks.

It is also vital that you confirm the orientation of your cart as specified in your contract.

Consequently it is important since our designer will need to determine the front of the kiosk as well as its orientation inside the mall.

If the kiosk is designed with a special side for the display of the main goods, that particular side ends up being opposite to the main flow aisle or beside a column or a wall.

As a result, it would be much better if that side was intended as a storage or working area, rather than looking for ways to reshape the sales strategy to avoid losing potential sales when it is too late.

Having to re-produce one or more sides of your unit could generate additional costs and delay its profitability which are resources that could be used in a second business.

Also be sure to tell us the purpose and type of goods your business is going to sell:

An electronics business has a radically different approach to a kiosk selling chocolates or jewelry.

Besides, each type of business has a number of specific features in terms of lighting, product accommodation and exhibition spaces, machinery, daily business operations, etc.

Are you considering developing a kiosk business or are you already are a kiosk business developer? What are your main concerns?

Please share, comment and expect our next edition to know the crucial factors for your kiosk business plan.

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