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The new importance of the point of sale

In the last articles we defined how consumer interaction with brands at the point of sale is changing and therefore the retail furniture manufacturer also is.

In this new article we analyze how the approach of merchandising strategies must adapt to the new generations and the new type of consumer.

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In this article we analyze why the management at the point of sale is increasingly important.

The functions of each element in the visual communication in furniture, semiotics, graphics and how the sellers of consumer goods on the sales floor can improve their daily results in the customer service.

Innovative point-of-sale management is being applied to a wide range of consumer product categories and the retail furniture manufacturer developing them such as:

Products depending on a large percentage of impulse purchases in their sales such as candies, gum and magazines.

Technical products requiring physical demonstration in store such as personal computers, tablets, cameras, etc…

Articles that include multiple lines of product in each line that need to be presented in a particularly clear way to the consumer and efficiently displayed as pantyhose, vitamins, food supplements, books and others.

Products that are sold through different types of retailers, each of which require a different sales program: Lawn and garden appliances, tools, equipment.

Prohibited advertising products in media such as liquor and tobacco.

Elements associated with intensive personal selling efforts, such as cars, motorcycles and other mature high volume items.

Retail Furniture Manufacturer
Retail Furniture Manufacturer

We expect the investments of consumer goods retail furniture manufacturers in the point-of-sale communications will increase in the coming years.

Floor sellers will also be able to hold promotional events that may as well gain competitive advantage.

Investments in exhibition infrastructure becomes increasingly important to brand managers for three reasons:

1- Advertising and promotion expenses attract customers, but the decisive action relies in the exhibition, the product and the seller.

2- The decrease in sales support at the store level is stimulating the brands interest in generating creative sales systems that sell and promote the product on its own.

3- Changes in consumer buying patterns and expectations, coupled with an increase in impulse buying, means that the point of purchase is playing a more important role than ever in consumer decision-making .

For the same reasons, retailers are increasingly receptive to the offers of brands of POP merchandising programs.

There is a delicate balance of power between the manufacturer and the retailer.

However, retailers will not relinquish control of the sales floor easily, particularly at a time when the importance of it is growing.

Therefore, while brand interest is increasing relative to POP infrastructure, retailers are becoming more selective than they used to be.

They are beginning to impose restrictions to the organization of each department and seek to maintain the consistency in store formats to strengthen their identity.

Wait for our next articles where we will consider where the focus of brands and intermediaries is headed to in order to preserve and grow their piece of cake in the market.

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