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Why is it necessary to have a high level of design in the clothes display racks inside the point of sale?

The brands carefully examine the alternatives and strategies in the marketing of the display in the sales floor and clothing display racks, which has tripled in sales since 2000.

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Display strategies complement advertising in the media, so it is imperative to align the advertising strategy in store.

They reinforce and remind consumers about the advertising messages they have seen before entering the store.

POP programs help improve productivity in the following ways:

– Low costs. While a 30-second television commercial costs between $ 4.00 and $ 8.00 usd per 1,000 consumers, the cost per thousand for a store merchandiser per year is only between 3 cents and 40 cents.

– Focus on the consumer. Point-of-sale programs focus on the consumer, but also provide a service to the retail trade, because they transfer the products displayed on the racks to the hands of the consumers, the expenses made in a specialized exhibition are often more productive than the sale of  the product in standard display racks itself.

– Focused and precise marketing. Pop programs easily adapt to the needs of specific local markets or any type of trade, in response to the growing importance of retailers in marketing programs in each region and in the management of accounts of major retail customers. In such a way, it allows a targeted approach that could not be carried out efficiently through advertising in the media.

– Simple evaluations. Alternative display programs can be economically analyzed in warehouse results. Stores equipped with output scanner systems quickly provide the sales data needed to assess the impact of POP programs to the benefit of both the manufacturers and retailers.

Clotthes Display Racks
Clothes Display Racks

To reduce labor costs and maintain price competitiveness, retailers such as Sears have reduced the number of employees who cover the floor in favor of centralized counters.

Therefore, consumers have developed the impression that sellers are less attentive and savvy when, in fact, they have to cover more buyers and product lines than before.

To reduce costs and extend opening hours, retailers have also switched to inexperienced and non-committed part-time salespeople, who often know little about the characteristics of a product and cannot demonstrate its use.

So, retailers are increasingly lacking in capacity and credibility. Effective display rack programs can compensate for such sales weaknesses by allowing the manufacturer to maintain control of the message delivered to the consumer at the place and time of the final purchase decision.

Vendors who offer the most engaging, educational, entertaining, and easy-to-use display programs will gain the favor of store management.

Their products are also prone to receive more push from retailers because an effective POP program increases their credibility and makes it easier to sell.

This is why the importance of a good exhibition in the brand’s corners are now more important than ever to maintain the expected sales level and even exceed it.


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