Retail cart with showcase spaces and cash counter.


– Sales module constructed with high quality and precise Cnc technologies.  
– Built-in laminate panel according to selected finishes catalog with white interior base for a better display.
– Headboard with angle with white top cap.
– Four staggered 1/4″ polished clear glass height adjustable shelves.
– Central wall white finish in both sides for product information.
– Cash counter space with folding door with lock and removable middle shelf, two electrical inputs, general switch, top cover with grommet. Superior cash counter space with removable middle shelve, removable door with slider and lock.
– Two corner cabinets with four shelves, folding door with lock, led lighting system in plafond.
– Storage space in the base with middle shelf, two sliding doors, sliders and lock.
– Lighting system in plafond with 8 led spots. – 5 wheels under the base for a better mobility.

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