Three Sides Cash Wrap Counters

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Our Three Sides Cash Wrap Counters visually anchor customers in your store or showroom while adding additional elements to support your business operations.

Most of our store fixtures are shipped already assembled and ready to use, thus saving you time.

Some specific parts can be shipped unassembled.

From retail shops, to office spaces, showroom or other exhibitions, we will help you design a beautiful desk for your commercial space which will also be functional with your specific requirements.

Three Sides Cash Wrap Counters are best suited to be in a centered place of any store floor or commercial facility, browse our collection of modular cash wraps that can be manufactured in a wide variety of finishes.

Be sure to shop Scaparato for related store fixtures for your business, including store counters in MDF and tempered glass.

Functionality, style, durability and affordability are the main reasons to buy from our company reception desks and checkout stands for professional offices and retail showrooms.

We also produce with high quality: central display racks and wall display racks

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