Straight Cash Wrap Counters

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Our Straight Cash Wrap Counters include storage features which are important to consider when shopping for reception area desks and register stands.

Locked pullout drawers are better for securing cash or credit card machines, and other valuable supplies like electronics and calculators.

Our designs can include height adjustable shelves that will allow you to store a variety of utensils and supplies in various sizes.

Tempered glass covers, shelving and divisions can be taken into account in your design in order to make the front of some of these desks offer an elegant view for displaying products and decorative items.

Some Straight Cash Wrap Counters feature an upper writing ledge to assist customers when they pay or when they´re taking out their purchases.

When buying a register stand that will also be used as a workstation, consider buying units with enough space to support all of the elements the staff will be needing in their daily operations.

We also produce with high quality: two sides cash wrap counters and curved cash wrap counters

Mostrando 1–12 de 27 resultados