Curved Cash Wrap Counters

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Curved cash wrap counters help you create a sale space where a variety of activities can take place in the workstation.

A register stand that is placed strategically in a retail, lobby or reception area provides visual communication for entering guests who are looking for information or directions.

Curved cash wrap counters are typically used as retail or office work stations.

Some of our products are manufactured with full color logos of your company, enhances your corporate image while boosting brand recognition.

The materials and finishes with which our counters are made from can be MDF and plastic laminate, tempered glass, various hardware to be implemented in drawers, doors, shelves, key holders, display spaces and other elements.

Our curved cash wrap counters range in different dimensions according to your specific requirements and different configurations depending on the needs of your business which can be designed and manufactured focusing on your personal vision.

We also produce with high quality: window displays and shelving displays.

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