Retail Food Kiosk ISA04.

Retail food kiosk for the sale of food and beverages at retail spaces.


– Built-in laminate panel according to selected finishes catalog with white interior base for a better display.
– Three sides service cover with ample working space.
– Storage area with sliding doors and lock at the base of the back .
– Menu space in the back wall.
– A shelf on the inside of the base on three sides.
– Headboard for graphics with option for backlight
– Optional open front space for refrigerator. – Horizontal ornamental poles with optional illumination system.
– Double side folding door and table for access to the interior. – Illumination system in plafond with 4 led spots.
– General electrificación system with load center for the conection of 4 electric devices.
– Levelers at the base of all elements adapt to uneven ground .

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