Custom Store Fixtures

Custom Store Fixtures


Welcome to SCAPARATO

Scaparato creates the right solutions on quality custom store fixtures, with customized top designs & strategies, within your budget and schedule for your business projects.

We design, manufacture & deliver custom retail furniture all over the country with unique retail shops, franchises, showrooms and commercial retail mall spaces, custom store fixtures, merchandising displays and retail displays. We are store fixtures manufacturers that produce custom display cases, display racks, cash wrap counters, retail mall kiosks, storage furniture and more…

Scaparato’s vast material expertise and fabrication capabilities allow us to create anything you can dream of. Our designers, engineers and material experts will work with you to help you develop a one-of-a-kind product in wood, metal, solid surface, glass, acrylic, vinyl, graphics, fittings and lighting systems among others. Contact us to explore more about the unique finishes and colors that our materials can provide to your retail interior.

How do we do it?

Whatever product or service you’re looking to offer or display, your project will never be better executed than with a professional customized retail image and a specific strategy to optimize business operations.

Why Scaparato?

Whether you’re just about to start or have been around for a long time, we are here to make things work right for you, we have everything you need to make the perfect environment a reality for your business.

We will make sure to provide affordable well-designed, high quality business furniture to be affordable according to your target market. See just how easy it can be to furnish your working space in a stylish yet thoroughly practical and functional way.


When you buy from Scaparato, you’re getting a unique, top notch strategy & design to cover all of your goals and needs. Our custom store fixtures are exclusively developed, designed and manufactured in our production facility, created specifically for the specific goals of our customers with their specific goals, always focusing on everyday operations and the success of your company.

Custom Store Fixtures


With more than 15 years of experience providing, our company team knows how to get high rates of return on investment for our customers with our products.

We select the best and toughest building materials. We have the knowledge to engineer our products to be as user-friendly as possible.

Eco Friendliness

We meet your environmental initiatives while keeping the cost low.

We work with international brands, retailers and interior design companies to develop sustainable, branded fixtures, outperforming the competition while saving you money.


We combine the latest cnc technologies with the most qualified team of professionals, to ensure the highest levels of quality control and to fit every detail of your specific project development in our workshop.


We ship our products to every state of the U.S., we can provide installation services depending on the type of product and if requested, we can also provide a completely free support services if you’re doing the installation on your own. We have extensive experience on packing the shipped orders, we have had minimal incidents while delivering our orders and should something go wrong, we take full responsibility for your order.

Investment Protection

Our vast experience in designing and manufacturing fixtures is an asset to our customers. We work in the process to spot design & the production of engineering opportunities that save you money.

We are always very careful to ensure that your project is an absolute success. We give you guarantees that can be developed on a design basis to support your stores and protect your investment.


We do all of this at the price that fits our customers’ budgets. High quality and affordability are in harmony when it comes to our retail display products.

That’s why we strive to find ways to keep our prices low without sacrificing the superior quality we promise.